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As the years have passed, our idea of how a vehicle should function has changed drastically. We are looking for better ways to make the car safer. One of the things that is meant to act as a layer of protection for the vehicle is its bumper – both front and rear. But while in the past the bumpers were made heavy and tough, nowadays they are designed to be a bit brittle and considerably lighter. This is because a heavier bumper only protects the car, but does little to minimize the risk of damage to the driver and the passengers, while a more brittle bumper still reduces the force of the collision, while it doesn’t cause a backlash effect for the people inside the car. However, such brittleness often means that a bumper can get damaged by a small hit, so it would need replacing. If you are in need of a replacement bumper, we from Chicago Auto Body Parts offer the cheapest solutions with our high quality products. Our painting services are also available at the lowest rates in the area.


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