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There are parts of every car, which don’t break or get damaged as often as others. This makes us neglect them over time and not notice how they wear out. A hood is one such part. Many people are not accustomed to look under it and the only part it plays for most people is keeping the visual integrity of the vehicle. Although it is not often that a hood needs replacement, accidents still occur. A frontal hit of the car would require timely repairs, but if you’ve dealt with different repairs shops, you know how often they can scam you. This is why here at Chicago Auto Body Parts you can find discounted products and items, including hoods, which are of high quality and are perfect for replacing your original part. In addition to that, we offer an integrated painting service, which is convenient for you, as you won’t need to find another place to do the paintjob for you. Order your selected hood and tell us what color you want it painted in. If you cannot figure that out, don’t hesitate to give us a call or refer to our FAQ page about finding your VIN number, where the color code is.


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